Battle of Atlanta painting interactives

I managed an interdisciplinary team and partnership with the Atlanta History Center and Google Arts & Culture to develop a suite of augmented reality and web apps (and upcoming digital story) that allow museum visitors to interact with a 49-foot-tall, 133-year-old cylindrical painting.


Moby-Dick; or, The Whale

I rebuilt Moby-Dick as a digital “Choose Your Own Adventure” story to support my argument that the chaotic book is difficult to read in print because it has always wanted to be digital.


Arts & Social Justice at Emory

I designed and built a home for the Arts and Social Justice Program at Emory, featuring the artistic collaborations and artwork created around issues of social equality.


Emdash: Emily Dickinson's Digital Poems

I turned Emily Dickinson’s unfinished poems into interactive digital objects instead of misrepresenting them as finished in print.


Ephemera: Reading Abolition in Pieces

I built a small archive collecting abolitionist poet Frances Harper’s newspaper poems for the first time as ephemera and not reprints.


Specimen Days blog

I turned Walt Whitman’s wild and fragmentary autobiography into a blog.